By Yoichi Imayoshi, Masahiko Taniguchi

This ebook deals a simple and compact entry to the speculation of Teichm?ller areas, ranging from the main hassle-free points to the latest advancements, e.g. the position this thought performs with reference to thread idea. Teichm?ller areas supply parametrization of the entire complicated buildings on a given Riemann floor. This topic is said to many alternative parts of arithmetic together with complicated research, algebraic geometry, differential geometry, topology in and 3 dimensions, Kleinian and Fuchsian teams, automorphic varieties, complicated dynamics, and ergodic idea. lately, Teichm?ller areas have began to play a huge position in string thought. Imayoshi and Taniguchi have tried to make the ebook as self-contained as attainable. They current a variety of examples and heuristic arguments so as to aid the reader snatch the information of Teichm?ller concept. The e-book might be an outstanding resource of data for graduate scholars and reserachers in complicated research and algebraic geometry in addition to for theoretical physicists operating in quantum concept.

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R?. if ,R r r Example 2. We give covering transformation groups (i)', ... , (v), of coverings (i), ... , (v) in Example 1. The notation ("11,' .. ,"In) expresses the group generated by "11, ... ,"In' - *2tri. with "I1(Z) (i)' 2'11"i. (i)' r f = ("11) (rr) with 71(z) zz + (ii)' (ii)' r f ==( r("11) r ) w with i t h 7"I1(Z) 1 ( z )== Z z+ * 11.. - zz exp groupof order n. ordern. finitegroup is aa finite (iii)' r (2'11"ijn) , which is exp(2riln),which with "I1(Z) ('rt) with 1= ("11) 71(z) = )2. with "I1(Z) (iv)' AZ.

For example, there are no the other hand, pole 1(1 - Zo z)j(z - zo)l. given by log z")1. On the other hand, there are no pole at Zo logl(l-z;z)/(z zo is is given C or C. Green functions on C Green = g(-, g = g(,p)p) on R. 1) g* is is aa where on R -- {p g* is where g* is the conjugate conjugate harmonic function of 9g on {p }. }. Note that g* 1r (n E multi-valued function whose periods are becauseof the singularity of whoseperiods are2n 2ntr e Z) because is aa single-valued single-valuedholomorphic holomorphic 9g and Hence, I/ itself is R.

L(Ft) = id(pd, - id. 4, we conclude that lhat I1 = By id. Finally, to to verify verify (iii), (iii), assume assumethat that there there exists Finally, exists aa sequence sequence{{ In consisting Z" }~=l }f,r consisting of mutually mutually distinct distinct elements elements of of r l- such such that of that In(I<) I{ f:. n I< for all all n. n. ln([n). for each each n, = In n, we we can can take take two points iin, two points for rn E€ I< (iin). Since 1{ with with rfn Since K n = [n,Fn is compact, compact, taking taking aa subsequence subsequenceif if necessary, necessary,we we may is }~=l' may assume assume that that {iin { drl1T=r, converge to to iio, + 00.

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