By Ovidiu Calin

The aim of this publication is to offer Stochastic Calculus at an introductory point and never at its greatest mathematical aspect. the writer goals to trap up to attainable the spirit of uncomplicated deterministic Calculus, at which scholars were already uncovered. This assumes a presentation that mimics related homes of deterministic Calculus, which enables figuring out of extra complex themes of Stochastic Calculus.

Readership: Undergraduate and graduate scholars drawn to stochastic strategies.

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It follows that if Xn converges in distribution to X, then the characteristic function of Xn converges to the characteristic function of X. From the properties of the page 39 May 15, 2015 14:45 40 BC: 9620 – An Informal Introduction to Stochastic Calculus Driver˙book An Informal Introduction to Stochastic Calculus with Applications Fourier transform, the probability density of Xn approaches the probability density of X. It can be shown that the convergence in distribution is equivalent to lim Fn (x) = F (x), n→∞ whenever F is continuous at x, where Fn and F denote the distribution functions of Xn and X, respectively.

More precisely, for any > 0 lim P ω; |Xn (ω) − X(ω)| ≤ n→∞ = 1. This can also be written as lim P ω; |Xn (ω) − X(ω)| > n→∞ = 0. This limit is denoted by p-lim Xn = X. n→∞ It is worth noting that both almost certain convergence and convergence in mean square imply the convergence in probability. 5 The convergence in mean square implies the convergence in probability. page 38 May 15, 2015 14:45 BC: 9620 – An Informal Introduction to Stochastic Calculus Basic Notions Driver˙book 39 Proof: Let ms-lim Yn = Y .

3) We shall write X ∼ IG(μ, λ). , p(x0 ) = maxx p(x). This distribution will be used to model the time instance when a Brownian motion with drift exceeds a certain barrier for the first time. 11 Sums of Random Variables Let X be a positive random variable with probability density f . 4) where L denotes the Laplace transform. The following result provides the relation between the convolution and the probability density of a sum of two random variables. 1 Let X and Y be two positive, independent random variables with probability densities f and g.

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