By John A. Sturman, Derek A. Applegarth (auth.), Alan A. Boulton, Glen B. Baker, James D. Wood (eds.)

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D , Wong L T. K , and Morrison 8. J (3979) Observed range of assay values for plasma and cerebrospmal fluid ammo acid levels m infants and children aged 3 months to 10 years Clan Blochem 12, 173-178. , Hardwlck D. F , and Ross I’. M (1969) Creatmme excretion m children and the usefulness of creatmme equivalents m ammo acid chromatography Clrn Chum Acta 22, 131-134 Applegarth D A , Ingram P , Ross, P M , and Sturrock S. (1970) Effect of amplclllm therapy on urmary ammo acid patterns N Engl J Med.

And GJessmg L (1982) Homocarnosinosrs. Hypercarnosmurra I Neurochem. 38, 242-245. Malloy M. H , Rassm D. , and Gaul1 G. E (1981a) A method for the measurement of free and bound plasma cyst(e Anal Bzochem 113, 407415 Malloy M. , and Gaul1 G. E (1981b) Plasma cyst(e m homocyst(e)memra. Am J Clan Nutr 34, 2619-2621. , Laberge C , and Poter M (1983) Deficiency of Fumarylacetoacetase u-r the Acute Form of Hereditary Tyrosmemla Wrth Reference to Prenatal Diagnosis, in Pedlafrx Lzver Dzsease (Fisher M M.

And Engle R. L. (1960) Automatrc analysis of ammo acrds. Ann. N Y Acad Sn 87, 764-774. Chapter 2 Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Amino Acids RONALD T. COUTTS AND JUPKA M. YEUNG 1. Introduction Amino acids are involved m many metabolic processes and m protein synthesis. , 1983; Fonnum, 1981, 1984). , 1983; Roberts, 1984), and the precursor roles of tryptophan m serotonin synthesis and of tyrosine and phenylalanine m the biosyntheses of catecholamines (Sved, 1983). It is not surprising, therefore, to see an ever-increasmg mterest in amino acid analysis in biological samples.

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