By Les Essif

A publication in regards to the position the US performs within the French mind's eye, because it interprets to the French level. expert by way of a wealthy number of Western cultural scholarship, Essif examines dozen post-1960 works representing the most cutting edge dramaturgy of the final part century, together with works by way of Gatti, Obaldia, Cixous, Koltes, and Vinaver.

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Introduction: Part 1 17 text (‘Philosophical Origins’ 60), Hollander ridicules ‘Baudrillard’s peculiar misconceptions, preconceptions, projections, and stunning ignorance of matters American’ (4). But I think both have misread Baudrillard, primarily because they do not fully appreciate the principle of ‘uncertainty’ from which he writes, a principle more easily understood and accepted by European scholars. Writing about the historical reception of French critical theory in America, Julia Kristeva argues that most American interpretations of French theory are not receptive to its overall message of indeterminacy.

The United States’ murder rate is by far the highest of any ‘first-world’ country and it is the only major Western nation that maintains the death penalty – revenge! The French realize that Americans are not evil, that they were not born immoral and they do not have a natural, ethnic, or tribal propensity toward depravity. Nevertheless, a set of historico-cultural circumstances has led homo americanus to develop, favor, or simply indulge uncultural traits that are, in the end and relatively speaking, anti-social, anti-communitarian, and even inhumane, especially if we consider the United States’ ‘achieved utopian’ superpower status in the world and the self-image which complements this.

Why is this rapid-fire hodgepodge of promotional signage not so readily interpreted as absurd? * Consider the desperate, dangerous, self-mutilating antics of the Jackass films, which evidently arouse in their viewers an appetite for extreme foolishness leading to self-disfigurement? ’ * Conservative talk radio shows and crude political campaign attack ads that target an audience with a lack of concern for discernment. The power and reach of the sophistic provocateurs behind these types of media are largely responsible for the fact that in 2010 nearly half of all Americans – the homo americanus masses – actually believed the preposterous claims that the current president of the United States, Barack Obama, was not actually born in the United States and does not follow the Christian faith.

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