By Bednorz W.

Bednorz W. Advances in grasping algorithms (In-Teh, 2008)(ISBN 9537619273)(596s)_CsAl_

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Consider a set of monitoring stations S and for every edge e ∈ E, let Se = {s│s ∈ S ∧ e ∈ Ts} be the set of stations that can monitor e. For each e = (u, v) ∈ E, select the station se ∈ Se for which the cost is minimum. Then add the pairs (se, u) and (se, v) to A. As a result, the returned assignment is, A Greedy Scheme for Designing Delay Monitoring Systems of IP Networks 27 Theorem 5 The approximation ratio of the simple probe assignment algorithm is 2. Proof: For monitoring the delay of any edge e ∈ E, at least one station s ∈ S must send two probe messages, one to each endpoint of e.

The task is to determine whether evaluates to true. Such an assignment of the n boolean variables, if it exists, is called a satisfying assignment for (and is called satisfiable). Otherwise is said to be unsatisfiable. Most SAT solvers use a is conjunctive normal form (CNF) representation of the formula . In CNF, the formula represented as a conjunction of clauses, each clause is a disjunction of literals, where a literal is a boolean variable or its negation. For example, P ∨ Q is a clause containing the two literals P and Q.

A Greedy Scheme for Designing Delay Monitoring Systems of IP Networks 35 Unlike the link monitoring case, we cannot claim that the optimal solution for path monitoring must contain at least one probe for every routing path5, which makes the problem for paths more dificult to approximate. 2 will achieves good results. Yet, finding an algorithm with a low approximation ratio is still an open problem. 7. Experimental results In this section, we present experimental results for the number of monitoring stations and probe messages required to measure the latency of every link in the network.

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