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Gawk: to stare stupidly • Kendra and Jessica gawked at Brad Pitt when he entered the elevator with them. • Matthew was gawking at the New York skyscrapers when he stepped into an open manhole and broke his leg. obese: very fat • Eddie Murphy plays an obese man in The Nutty Professor. • The health teacher blames potato chips and afternoon TV for so many of today’s young people being obese. toxic: poisonous; unhealthy; harmful • In the movie, Batman, the Joker fell into a large vat of toxic green stuff that melted his skin.

Feeling gloomy and hopeless; thinking the worst uncivilized; wild; crude conceited; having a high opinion of oneself disastrous; bringing great harm and suffering to trick, confuse or deceive to mope around or pout to mop around a piece of furniture sympathy; pity; concern a being that must eventually die; deadly; fatal to draw back because of fear, surprise or disgust to draw a picture because of an art class assignment hopeful; looking on the bright side living forever; indestructible huge, gigantic a kind of after shock following an earthquake ____ 12.

Expectorate: to spit • The dentist asked Molly to expectorate into the sink. • Bart climbed off his horse, brushed off his jeans and expectorated on the dirt street. The sheriff told him to get back on his horse and get out of town. egotistical: conceited; selfish • “If you constantly brag, people may start thinking you are egotistical,” Jean warned her sister. ” • Although the straight A student was really modest about his accomplishments, everyone thought he was egotistical because of the way his mother carried on and on about him.

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