By Philip Rubovits-Seitz

This primer offers a consultant to medical interpretations for these within the perform of psychotherapy. The booklet is split into elements: half I offers with the classical method of scientific interpretation; and half II bargains with advancements considering that Freud, together with Kohut's self-psychological method, Hoffman's dialectical constructivist procedure, Roy Schafer's multifaceted procedure, Donald Spence's radical narrative process, the intersubjective strategy and the unconventional relational approach.

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L e r: Dynamic psychotherapy with the patient led eventually to an abreaction of memories and emotions associated with an experience that occurred the day preceding onset of his tremor. The incident involved a fight with his boss. " The patient then lost control and tried to strangle the man. He was prevented from killing his boss by other employees. The next day his tremor began. Following the recovery of the precipitating event and working through of his inner conflict (both in the What Is Clinical Interpretation ?

He developed a method A Pnmer of Clinical Interpretation of treatment for them by sitting and talking with each nun individually for a long time. He found that for the nuns to confide openly, trust in him had to develop first. Eventually he learned that the hysterical convulsions originated when a group of young men had become acquainted with some of the nuns, following which they visited the nunnery at night and became increasingly intimate with them. The nuns, however, felt more and more guilty about their liaisons with the men and the inner fantasies and desires that the contact stimulated.

Freud, S. (1925). An autobiographical study. Standard edition (Vol. 20, pp. 3-76). London: Hogarth, 1959. Galton, F. (1879-1880). Psychometric experiments. Brain, 2, 149- 162. Rosner, S. (1973). On the nature of free association. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 21, 558-575. Data Processing Question: What is the purpose of processing the clinical data? L e r : To search for clues that can be transformed into latent meanings and determinants. Question: Does this phase of the interpretive process have any similarity to methods in general science?

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