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The first such dictionary on account that that of Platner and Ashby in 1929, A New Topographical Dictionary of historical Rome defines and describes the recognized constructions and monuments, in addition to the geographical and topographical gains, of old Rome. It offers a concise background of every, with measurements, dates, and citations of vital historic and glossy resources.

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It’s Christmas Eve and twenty-seven-year-old Manuela Paris is returning domestic to a beach city outdoor Rome. Years in the past, she left to turn into a soldier. Then, Manuela used to be fleeing an unsatisfied, rebellious youth; with anger, decision, and sacrifice she painstakingly outfitted the existence she dreamed of as a platoon commander within the Afghan barren region.

Political Dissidence Under Nero: The Price of Dissimulation

Vasily Rudich examines dissidence below Nero from either historic and mental views and inquires into the stability of the common and traditionally conditioned elements of political behaviour. The careers of diverse dissident contributors and their makes an attempt at accomodation to a adverse fact are mentioned.

Ancient Rome: An Introductory History

The occasions and personalities of historic Rome spring to lifestyles during this heritage, from its founding in 753 B. C. to the dying of the philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius in A. D. a hundred and eighty. Paul A. Zoch offers, in modern language, the heritage of Rome and the tales of its protagonists? reminiscent of Romulus and Remus, Horatius, and Nero-which are so usually passed over from extra really expert reports.

The school of Libanius in late antique Antioch

This booklet is a examine of the fourth-century sophist Libanius, a big highbrow determine who ran probably the most prestigious faculties of rhetoric within the later Roman Empire. He used to be a tenacious adherent of pagan faith and a pal of the emperor Julian, but in addition taught leaders of the early Christian church like St.

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M ax. 7 ) and was offered in the Forum Boarium. While such games might have been put on in a theater or circus, their forming regularly a part of funeral games and triumphs argues for an infor­ mal setting. C . Statilius Taurus built the first stone amphitheater (Cass. 1 ; Sueton­ ius, Aug. 5 , Calig. 1) in the Campus Martius; this was destroyed in the fire of Nero in a . d . 64 (Cass. 2 3 -2 4 ). Unfortunately, we have no in­ formation about its arrangements. All that can be said is that it seems to have been used almost exclu­ sively for gladiatorial shows and hunts.

Tog. cand. 8 0 81 [Stangl 6 9 -7 0 ]). It was vowed in 433/2 b . c . in consequence of a plague and dedicated in 431 by the consul C. 7 ). The original dedication day was 13 July, thereafter the occasion of the Ludi Apollinares. The god very early carried the epithet Medicus. Despite variations in the word­ ing of accounts of its location, they all point to a place between Piazza Campitelli and the Theater of Marcellus, where were unearthed substantial re­ mains, especially of the principal façade and east A P O L L O C A E L IS P E X flank.

Remains of it may have been a barrelvaulted chamber discovered in 1924 at the juncture of Via delle Vergini and Via dell’Umilta. B u llC om 53 (1925): 2 7 2 -7 3 (E. Gatti). perpetual memory of the heinousness of his crime. The story is told in most detail by Dionysius (Dion. Hal. 1 ; Varro, Ling. 1 5 7 ; Cicero, D om . 101; Val. M ax. 1c). 1 5 ), a place to which Cicero would send to buy a lamb for sacrifice (D iv. 3 9 ). C . C . 6 ). This puts it in the general neighborhood of the church of S.

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