By Miriam Griffin

A better half to Julius Caesar contains 30 essays from best students analyzing the existence and after lifetime of this nice polarizing figure.

  • Explores Caesar from numerous views: army genius, ruthless tyrant, incredible baby-kisser, top quality orator, subtle guy of letters, and more
  • Utilizes Caesar’s personal extant writings
  • Examines the viewpoints of Caesar’s contemporaries and explores Caesar’s portrayals through artists and writers during the ages

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Cat. 32–6). He makes reference here explicitly to the dangers of military action by magistrates against Roman citizens on the basis of a senatorial decree (Sall. Cat. 36). Caesar himself, paradoxically, recommended an unprecedented remedy, namely the confinement of the prisoners in Italian municipalities for an indefinite period and the confiscation of their property (Sall. Cat. 43; Cic. Cat. 7–8; Ungern-Sternberg 1970: 92–111; Drummond 1995: 23–50). The proposal, initially welcomed, failed to carry the senate after a powerful speech for summary execution by Cato the Younger (Drummond 1995: 51–77).

It was about this time that, after long obscurity, a family of the Iulii was rising to modest prominence. The only Iulius known in the third century until near its end is a consul of 267, L. f. n. Libo, who shared a triumph over the Sallentini with his colleague M. 200). Nothing else is known about him – neither his earlier career nor later any participation in the First Punic War, when he was probably still alive. But his grandfather, a L. Iulius, deserves scrutiny, even though he did not reach high office.

Most of the instances are isolated. 3 That the games were founded in honor of a domus regnatrix is clear from the context (Tac. Ann. 2). Since Tiberius is not mentioned in connection with them, it is most likely that they were founded under Augustus. But Tiberius cannot be excluded. To say that Tiberius ‘‘restored’’ a sacrarium of the gens Iulia there indicates failure to read the text: sacrarium genti Iuliae effigiesque diuo Augusto apud Bouillas dicantur (Ann. 1). 759) shows inadequate understanding of Latin.

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