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Offers rules and recommendation on brainstorming by myself or in a gaggle to return up with rules that actually paintings.

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What effect could those views have on the success of our solution? How could we address those views? Can we prioritize some people for attention? 58 Developing the Solution Identify the ‘prime movers’ of your plan. In any organization, more people are likely to be involved in implementing a plan than in making it. How will they need to change their behaviour? How soon can you involve them? Have you already involved them by consulting them? What will motivate them to do what you want them to do?

The system will only change the balance of forces within it if it wants to change. We will only achieve change within the system if we can remove or lessen the forces resisting change. Force field analysis creates a simple, clear model of the forces supporting and opposing change (see Figure 8). Analyse systematically. Confine yourself to a specific human system: a single team, department, managerial group or organization. Analyse the forces at work in and on the group – not individuals in the group, or the group conducting the analysis.

Analogies show similarities between elements of different things; similes liken one thing to another in a more imaginative way; and metaphors define one thing as another. We make metaphors continually. We speak of chain reactions and political hot potatoes; we may find ourselves in the depths of despair or all at sea. Metaphorical thinking helps us see reality more vividly. We can use it to find new ideas about a problem. 43 30 Minutes to Brainstorm Great Ideas One of the easiest ways to begin is to examine any metaphor that the client has used in describing the task.

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