By Steve Ferber

In 21 ideas to reside via: A Pathway to private progress journalist and entrepreneur Steve Ferber, who retired on the age of 39, gathers knowledge from self-help authorities worldwide and offers them along his personal exact perspective to deliver readers a compact approach for day-by-day dwelling. Ferber has spent the higher a part of the final twenty years trying to find solutions to life's so much penetrating questions. 21 ideas to stay via presents the solutions within the type of serious ideas for residing with your self, and residing with others. full of important and well timed thoughts, this targeted access into the self-improvement style offers readers the instruments to make clever judgements and attain their ambitions.

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In essence, these rules have helped create more mental time, more time for me to dream and create, instead of grouse and complain. My hope is that, as you read this book, you’ll find a rule or two that works for you (naturally, more would be wonderful). My hope is that you’ll find a rule that, when applied at just the right moment, brings you a sense of inner calm, or peace, and lasts for more than a moment. If that should be the case, I will be pleased beyond measure. This book is not intended as a scientific journal (though it’s peppered with references), nor does it aim to explore the physiology of the human thought process (it does touch, briefly, on auditory and visual cues).

I’d also like to thank Jay Deegan, designer extraordinaire, who designed six versions of the book cover and impresses us daily with his genius. And finally, a special thank you to my good friend and colleague Elizabeth Bush who took the time to edit this book, and delight me with her comments, suggestions and critique. She is a special person. I wish each of you could meet her. Thank you for picking this book up. I hope that it has meaning for you. ” -- Blaise Pascal In large measure this book is about our thoughts, the thoughts that our mind creates, and re-creates, as we experience life.

In my experience, it is critical to work hard in life. Only then, when we have invested ourselves, do we celebrate our success. Things that come easily are not celebrated in the same way; we often wonder why they even happened. I guess it’s the old external vs. internal locus of control. Did I do well on the test because I studied or because I lucked out and it was easy? “We take pride in what we work hard at. We reflect as we are working and probably revise, recharge, and forge ahead. We all need a payoff for hard work; when we get it (tangible or intangible), we feel successful.

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